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🏅🏅Another amazing CDI 4* Zurich Equestrian Masters in
Zürich, Switzerland 🇨🇭

Both Rondoro Noblesse in the CDI4* Grand Prix and Special and Zanzibar CDI1* PSG and Intermediare I were able to bring home top placings and Ribbons 🏵️🏵️back Home !!

So proud... of what these stallions have made possible, both with lots of traveling are continuously able to grow and gain extreme experience in Europe at these top venues!

So incredibly grateful for the amazing places my partners in sport have taken me to and I feel very Thankful for the incredible friendships I’m able to make along the way !!!

So awesome getting to see other American and Canadian riders here in Europe!! Thank you Ashley Holzer for your support 😘
Great riding and Congratulations to my friends Ryan Torkkeli and Jill Gougeon-Irving ❤️
Shout out to Evelyn Eger and Amelie Gröpper for Killing it in the young horse classes !
Top Wins 🏆🥇🥇🥈🥈 On some amazing young horses from Hof Kasselmann / P.S.I. GmbH!! You girls rock 💪🏼💪🏼
Loved our Team atmosphere and comeraderie !!! Such great times ❤️
#teamroeckl #internationaldressage #dressagestallion #soproud #livingthedream #nevergiveup #alwaysanadventure #believeinyourself #itsajourneynotasprint

⚜️ What a great finish to an amazing week at the beautiful Jiva Hill CDI5* in gorgeous Crozet!!
🏆🏆🏆🏅3 Top 🔝 10 placings with my “boys “ in Very, Very competitive and large classes with Olympic and World Class competition!

Zanzibar my licensed Oldenburg stallion... ( Blue Horse Zack x Royal Hit x Landadel) breed by Regina Suhr did his first International CDI Small Tour and first ever Inermediare I finishing with a 7th place 🏆🏅and just a hair off of 70% !!!! What a horse! What a stallion!! What a character!! This is definitely one to watch!! I’m so grateful to be able to go down centerline and share this one’s journey ❤️ !!

My Rondoro Noblesse Austrian Licenced Stallion ( Rosengold x Lateur) breed by Andrea Straub put down some incredible moments in at he Grand Prix 3* and Special on Sunday for a Top 10 🏆🏅placing for some lovely higher marks but unfortunately some mistakes on my part lead to some expensive points being lost 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

It’s a journey to be able to be competitive in Top sport , just makes me learn from my mistakes and pushes me to be better next time out!

Being back in Europe competing definitely makes you step up your game and lights a fire 🔥 in my soul 🥰

Couldn’t do it without my one and only Jürgen, not only my husband, my love, my best friend, coach , and unwavering supporter! Always there for me in every situation ❤️

Thank you so much for everyone that stands behind us and supports us! So incredibly fortunate to be able to spend this summer at Hof Kasselmann / P.S.I. GmbH. So much support on such a high level ❤️

Definitely a moment to be Thankful for the life we get to live together with these precious partners 🐴🦄 🐎
#teamroeckl #livingthedream #soproud #goals #nevergiveup #alwaysanadventure #dressage #dressurhengst

🌟 Gearing up for some new Adventures coming soon with my number #1
❤️‍🔥Rondoro Noblesse❤️‍🔥

We have an incredible selection of top Dressage horses for sale!!! Don’t hesitate to reach out and pm today to come try your next partner!! Located by Wellington!
HAVENS Horsefeed l Paardenvoeders l Pferdefutter Havens horsefeeds USA
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⚜️Rondoro Noblesse successful in LeMans CDI3*🏅🏆

What a successful end to our European Tour !!

🏆70,5% and 5th place in Grand Prix Freestyle on Saturday. Our first major European Placing in Big Tour In only our first year !!! What an amazing Birthday present !! 💝 ...

This weekend Rondoro Noblesse produced 2 very confident and expressive Grand Prix Tests.

I cannot express enough how extremely proud I am of our stallion!! Training a horse to this level of International quality at Grand Prix takes patience and preservation!! Never loose sight of your end goal !! Ride today for tomorrow ❤️

“Trust in the Journey, trust in yourself, Believe in your horse “

Thank you so much to so many people who stand with us on this journey 💕 Our supporters and sponsors. Without you none of this would be possible.

We return home tomorrow night to Wellington. Can’t wait to see all our friends back home🥰

I will truly miss my German family here in Hagen and will counting the days until our return !!
Hof Kasselmann / P.S.I. GmbH
Francois Kasselmann Ulli Kasselmann
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Photos 📸 Photos Les Garennes

Congratulations to Ellanor Boehning and Sir Junior on the Bronze medal in Young Rider Individual test today !!!

Sir Junior spent a year in our barn learning the Grand Prix and then was brought together to The Boehnig Family by my husband and I as a upcoming U25 prospect for Ellanor.
Ellanor and Junior spent last Season I’m our training program leaning the ropes in the FEI Young Rider Division at the CDI’s in Global even winning her very first ever CDI Young Rider Competition under our tutledge. Congratulations to Ellanor , Sir Junior and Ann Boehning on their remarkable success this weekend and we wish you lots and lots of fantastic results with this partnership !!

Thank you so much Ann & Stuart Boehning for trusting Jurgen and I to pair your talented daughter with Sir Junior. Can’t wait to hear wait the future holds for them. 

Havens horsefeeds USA Roeckl Equestrian USA Custom Saddlery Custom Zadels Aviar Saddles Solo Equine EquiZen Nouvelle Farms German Dressage International Dressage Sport Boot

#topsalehorse #bringinghorseandridertogether

So excited and absolutely ready for this magical adventure ❤️❤️❤️

Can’t wait to represent USA 🇺🇸 In Ermelo with our Beautiful Endeavor!! 🥰
Nasrin Mani 🥰🥰

Amazing photo shoot last Friday at our beautiful Facility in Wellington, Nouvelle Farms !

Engie Wallace and her daughter visited with their new and beautiful clothing line from Aviar Saddles and Custom Zadels. My Rondoro Noblesse is in an Aviar Rook II and Endeaver is in A Custom Omni !! ...Zanzibar is going in a Custom Coda W !! I am so extremely grateful to have been sponsored as one of Cary Wallace first sponsored riders and supported all over the continent from this amazing company !!

Stay tuned for some amazing news soon !!!
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🏆 Huge Success in Ocala,CDI3 🏆

🏆🥈 Grand Prix Rondoro Noblesse
🏆🥇 Grand Prix Special 70,8% Rondoro Noblesse
🏆🥇 Man’s Endeaver 78%🔥 3rd Level test 3 !!

I just feel so incredibly grateful and extremely happy to have my beautiful Rondoro ...Noblesse back in the Grand Prix Arena ❤️ Today we had a spectacular ride in the Grand Prix Special for a a 70,8% and the Win 🏆 🥇!!! with some small mistakes in the canter tour, from being a little over zealous 🔥🔥
Friday we were able to pull off a very very good Grand Prix test with some amazing highlights in Piaffe and Passage for a 🏆🥈 !!!
Im So extremely happy with him this weekend, and so thankful to have him back in top form 😍
I also had Nasrin Mani’s spectacular young horse Mani’s Endeaver in the Third Level test 3 also for a Win with 🏆🥇 78% 🎉🎉 So many 9’s !!! This horse seriously takes my breath away 💗💗
I must say a huge Thank you for everyone involved in putting on this amazing event!! This facility is absolutely stunning!!! It is more than perfect in so many ways!! I am absolutely star struck!!! They have thought of every detail to the T and have left nothing out!!! This is more then a World Class Facility!! I will definitely be coming back as often as I can for ever Dressage show!!!

Thank you so much to all our sponsors and people who support us and our horses on our incredible journey ❤️
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#teamroeckl #roecklequestrian #dressagegoals #usaequestrian #dreambig #nevergiveup #followyourdreams #alwaysanadventure #twohearts

Thank you so much Charlotte Bredahlfor all your encouragement and support! I appreciate all you do for us 💗
To his amazing Breeder in Austria 🇦🇹 Andrea Straub
I absolutely could not have done this all without the never ending support of my husband Jürgen ,you are my rock my everything!! I am more than grateful and so very proud to have you by my side through all the good times and low times. You give me strength to always continue forward! ❤️❤️❤️

🏆🥇Huge Success @Global🥇🏆

🥇Mani’s Endeavor Wins with Top scores AGDF 10 CDI FEI 6 yr old FEI tests.

🏆🥇 6 yr old Preliminary 84,4%
🏆🥇6 yr old Final 85.0%

Amazing scores!!!! 9.0 for Trot and Perspective !!! 😍

This horse simply ...amazes me every day!! We achieved these scores with some very respectable 5* and 4* judges!! I’m so proud of our accomplishments.

Thank you so much to my dear friend Michelle Filsinger who believed in this partnership from the very beginning and who helped to bring us together 🥰

We’ve qualified for the short list for Ermelo, NED !! Now fingers crossed we get to represent USA 🇺🇸 in September!!

We had a vision from the beginning on with Endeavor and I’m so extremely happy to see it all play out in the end!! Sometimes you just have to believe in them ❤️

Another Qualifying Competition for World Young Horse Championships in Ermelo 2022 !!

Absolutely love this horse!! Thank you so much Nasrin Mani for entrusting me with your special and very talented youngster. ❤️

Thank you Michael DeLuna for keeping Endeavor happy and fit to compete ❣️

Thank you so much to my amazing Husband who always believes in me and always pushes me to do my best (or better 😜) and to everyone who makes this journey possible for us and our amazing support team at German Dressage International 💖

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🏆.. Wow…More success @Global !!🏆

German Dressage Students rack up the ribbons at Globel 🏆
#AGDF 7 ✅
#AGDF 8 ✅

Wow 🤩 I don’t even know where to start!! What a whirlwind of 2 weeks back to back showing!! Our students we on a roll !! We are so extremely ...proud of each and every one of our amazing clients who followed us all the out here to Wellington to follow each of their dreams! We have become such an amazing group of people and friends!! 🥰What a Team ! What a village ❤️
My student, Young Rider Ella Boehning, debuted her Sir Junior in their first CDI Young Riders competition at AGDF 7 and Come out with the Win in the Team test !! They continued that success with 3 top placings at AGDF 8 !!
🏆🥇 YR Team Test
🏆 4th YR Individual test
🏆🥈 YR Freestyle Test
🏆4th place YR Team test
🏆 5th place Ind YR test
What an amazing start to their Carreer ! I am so proud of them !!
My student Michelle Filsinger tested the waters the first time in the Huge Competitive CDI 1* Open Small tour @AGDF 8 and came out with an amazing
🏆5th place CDI1* Intermediaire I
I’m so extremely proud of how professional she presented her Stallion Bellmeier ❤️ The Sky is the limit for these two 🥰🥰
Jürgen’s student Tiffany Silverman rode her talented Vincenzo to top honors in the very competitive CDI1* Small Tour for amazing results! Such a beautiful talented pair!! These two have such a bright future ahead!!

🏆🥈 CDI1* PSG #AGDF 8
🏆 6th place CDI1* Intermediaire I
🏆 9th place CDI1*PSG #AGDF 7
🏆 6th place CDI1* Inter. I #AGDF 7

Jürgen’s student Bettina Loy rode her beautiful mare Cayenne to gather more and more top scores and top placings in the National Show at Global which was absolutely packed with top horses and riders making for tough competition #AGDF 7 and #AGDF 8 !!

🏆 5th place PSG #AGDF 7
🏆 7th place PSG #AGDF 7
🏆 5th place PSG #AGDF 8
🏆 7th place PSG #AGDF 8
Thank you so much to everyone who supports us all on our journey!!
Thank you to Michael DeLuna for keeping our horses fit and ready to compete!!
#nevergiveup #alwaysanadventure #dreambig #goals #wellington2022 #eueopeantour #twohearts #teamroeckl #roecklequestrian

🏆🥇Huge Success @Global🥇🏆

🥇Mani’s Endeavor Wins his International Debut @Palm Beach Derby CDI FEI 6 yr old FEI tests.

🏆🥇 6 yr old Preliminary 83,40%
🏆🥇6 yr old Final 84,2%

Amazing scores!!!! 9.0 for Canter and 8.8 for Trot !!! 😍
Qualifying Competition for World Young Horse Championships in Ermelo 2022 !!

Absolutely love this horse!! Thank you so much Nasrin Mani for entrusting me with your special and very talented youngster. ❤️

Thank you Michael DeLuna for keeping Endeavor happy and fit to compete ❣️

Thank you so much to everyone who makes this journey possible for us and our amazing support team at German Dressage International 💖
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⚜️Additional Team member needed⚜️
⚜️ Additional groom needed ⚜️

Looking for an additional team player to help out with our top Dressage horses located in one of the best and most beautiful barns in Loxahatchee, Florida!!

Looking for someone ideally in the... morning to help prepare with riding 6 horses , feeding, grooming, some turnout . Plus Feeding . Possibility to help at competitions in Wellington.
Must me a positive team player willing to work side by side in a great team in an amazing stable atmosphere!!
Great salary. Good hours. Looking for someone to start as soon as possible.
Please txt Jennifer at 858-371-8750 or send a pm or Jürgen at 858-945-6022.

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